Sightseeing Spots

We will introduce recommended sightseeing spots for Ueda City in Nagano Prefecture from the categories of nature, history and culture, experiences, hot springs, and Japan heritage.


Japan heritage

Ueda City has Shinano Kokubunji (Temple), where the Dainichi Nyorai representing the sun is enshrined, Ikushimatarushima Shrine, where the earth itself is the object of worship, and Bessho Hot Springs, surrounded by mountains that enshrine the dragon god. “The Sacred Place of Sun and Earth,” the story that tells how these three are along a single line followed by the sun, has been designated as a Japan heritage site. This is the spot to see to recharge your power.

Shiodadaira Area

Bessho Hot Springs

Anrakuji (temple)

Bessho Hot Springs

Zensanji (temple)

Bessho Hot Springs

Kitamuki Kannon & Jorakuji (temples)

Bessho Hot Springs

Shinano Kokubunji

City Center

Bessho Line, Bessho Onsen Station

Bessho Hot Springs