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Enjoy “WA” at Bessho Hot Springs Maruko Hot Springs Area

Ueda has long-established hot spring resorts, Bessho Hot Springs and Maruko Hot Springs Area. This sightseeing spot in a peaceful mountain area is dotted with old temples and shrines, and lined with Japanese inns, which are called ryokan. We will introduce how to spend your time at the hot springs ryokan, and what sightseeing spots in the area you should check out.



The phrase “WA” also means “relief of mind and body”. Courteous hospitality and Japanese cuisine. The “WA” developed by the Japanese over centuries will not only be a fresh cultural experience, but will also heal your travel fatigue and rejuvenate you.


3:00 pm


Rooms in ryokan are generally designed in the traditional Japanese style, with tatami mats and fusuma (sliding doors). The staff will be happy to help you enjoy a pleasant trip, including preparing your meals and laying out your futon (Japanese style bedding).

4:00 pm

hot springs

Each inn has its own bathing areas, where you can spend a most relaxing time. You may prefer an open-air bath with a view of the garden and/or a private bath all to yourself.

5:00 pm

stroll around the hot spring town

After a nice soak, we recommend that you slip into a yukata, a casual cotton kimono, and stroll about the stone-paved streets of the hot spring town. The clatter of geta (wooden sandals) on cobblestones is sure to make your trip even more memorable.

7:00 pm


When walking makes you hungry, you will find an elaborate dinner containing seasonal ingredients waiting for you upon your return.

Bessho Hot Springs

Nagano Prefecture’s oldest hot spring area, Bessho Hot Springs

Bessho Hot Springs has a proud 1,400-year history. The hot spring town has 3 public baths, national treasures and old temples that are important cultural properties, and rows of cafes and eateries, so you can enjoy strolling around. The slightly alkaline hot spring that wells from below Kitamuki Kannon, a temple for spiritual gain and protection against bad luck, also has the effects of making skin softer and more beautiful. There are 13 inns to suit a variety of tastes.

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Maruko Hot Springs Area

Three hot spring areas spread among the quiet mountains

Maruko Hot Springs Area contains three hot springs: Kakeyu, Oshio, and Reisenji. They have long been famous as hot spring sanatoria; many people have come here to treat sickness and injury.
This is known as a national recreational hot springs area — one of the few sites inside Japan so designated by the Ministry of the Environment. It has bathing facilities, a swimming pool, and walking trail for rehabilitation, health promotion, and recreation.

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