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Ueda City

Welcome to Ueda City in Nagano Prefecture, where walking around town is a trip back in time. 90 minutes from Tokyo Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen. Since long ago, people and goods traveling the road linking local areas to the capital have come to Ueda, where you can feel the influence of the castle town in the streets and old wooden buildings still remain, allowing you to enjoy the true face of Japan.

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Spots to See in Ueda

Food & Drinks

Food is a major attraction in Ueda. Why not enjoy some superb delicacies you can only eat here?


Things to do



If you’re staying in Nagano Prefecture, then Ueda is the place! The easily accessible hotels in front of the station and Japanese ryokan that offer hot springs and sophisticated dishes are waiting to greet you.



Sightseeing Spots

Ueda City has stunning scenery that changes with the seasons, and experiences you’ll want to share through pictures.



Trip Ideas

Whether it’s eating, playing, or soaking in hot springs, there are infinite combinations of the “ways to enjoy Ueda.”


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