Sightseeing Spots

We will introduce recommended sightseeing spots for Ueda City in Nagano Prefecture from the categories of nature, history and culture, experiences, hot springs, and Japan heritage.



Sugadaira Highlands Snow Resort

Divided into 3 areas—Davos, Taro, and Pine Beak—this big ski resort has a variety of trails for everyone to enjoy, male or female, young or old. And with 60 courses total, you can’t finish them all in 1 day. There’s a kids park and nursery, too, so those with small children needn’t worry! Riding out across the snow, the “Mt. Neko Snowcat Tour” is also very popular.


Location 1223-146 Sugadaira Highlands, Ueda
Tel 0268-74-2137
Hours 8:00 - 17:00
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