Sightseeing Spots

We will introduce recommended sightseeing spots for Ueda City in Nagano Prefecture from the categories of nature, history and culture, experiences, hot springs, and Japan heritage.


City Center

Sanada Shrine

Since the Sanada Clan’s forces at Ueda Castle twice repelled the might of the Tokugawa Clan’s army in the Warring States Period (late 16th century), the castle is sometimes known as furakujo, which literally means “castle that never fails.”
In this spirit, students who will take a high school or university entrance examination often come here to pray for some extra luck and a good result.
The shrine is also well known as a great spot for photos.
There is also the legendary “Sanada Well” at the back of the precincts.


Location 1-12 Ninomaru, Ueda
Tel 0268-22-7302
Hours 9:00 – around 16:00
* Depending on circumstances, they may close earlier.
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