Walk along a Historic Highway

The street has ancient buildings of long-established shops and shows a traditional view of samurai times.

Experience the charm of the former Hokkoku Kaido from the time of the samurai, a road lined with traditional white-walled houses with lattice doors and shops, and even a sake brewery. There is also a freshwater spring along the road. Enjoy hand-cut soba noodles, fresh bread, and traditional sweets.

Okazaki Sake Brewery (岡崎酒造)

This well-established sake brewery was established in 1665 and is a symbol of Ueda. Inside you can enjoy sampling their sake and purchase it as well.

Hours 9:00 - 17:30
Closed Irregular
Tel 0268-22-0149

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Access from Ueda Sta

  • 15 min on foot