Discover Ueda's Hidden Castle Ruins

There were numerous forts and castles in mountainous and strategic locations during Japan's warring period. The ruins of several of these forts still remain in the Ueda area. History fans love hiking around and following the history of the old ruins of theses castles, such as a headquarters for the Sanada clan and the site of a famous battle.

Trailhead -> 25 min -> Toishi castle ruins ->10 min-> Honjo castle ruins -> 30 min-> Komeyama castle ruins ->15 min-> Trailhead

Experience an unbroken view of Ueda from the castle ruins. There is also a point on the trail where you can see Mt. Fuji on clear days.
This is also a setting in the popular anime movie "Summer Wars".

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Access from Ueda Sta

  • Take the Ueda Bus for 15 min, get off at the "Iseyama" bus stop, and walk 10 min to the trailhead.