Easy Access, Great Hiking

Mt. Ogamidake: Enjoy the views from Mt. Okamidake at 1,250 m, just a 2-hour hike from Bessho Hot Springs. Bessho Hot Springs also hosts a beautiful 500-year old festival of calling for rain, called the “Take no Nobori”.
Mt. Megamidake: Reach a height of 927 m in a one-hour hike. The hiking trails here are closed from September to November, due to matsutake mushroom harvesting. There is no lookout at the castle ruins on top of the mountain.

Take no Nobori

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Access from Ueda Sta

  • To get to the common trailhead for both mountains, take the Ueda Dentetsu Line to the last stop (Bessho Onsen) and then take either a taxi (15 min) or rental bicycle.