Shinshu Apple Pie Laboratory

2021.08.16  カテゴリー:

This pie and juice specialty store uses Shinshu apples for its products. Nagano is an apple-producing region where many varieties of apples are cultivated. This store strives to produce the true taste, texture, and deliciousness of the distinctive local apples.
Each variety of apple has its own sourness and sweetness, meaning guests can enjoy comparing pies made with different apples.

Iijima Shoten

2016.09.12  カテゴリー:

This shop developed from grain merchants in the 1800s and now deals with fruit and souvenirs. Its headquarters building was built in 1924 before having its interior renovated and becoming a store that kept the same exterior. The building continues to give off an air of fantastic elegance and sleekness that was characteristic of Taisho Period modernism. This must-see building is a symbol of Ueda City, which was referred to as the “silk capital.”
“Misuzuame” candy is a Nagano specialty that was first produced in the late Meiji Period and has been loved for over 100 years.

Omiyagedokoro Kitamura (souvenir shop)

2016.09.12  カテゴリー:

This store boasts a selection of souvenirs unique to Nagano along with local sake from Ueda. Additionally, they also ship grapes, apples, and other seasonal fruits throughout all of Japan.
Specialty item: Tokubetsu junmai namagenshu sake (raw unprocessed sake made only with rice, koji, and water), sold from a storage tank that measures nearly two meters high. This fresh sake can only be enjoyed at a sake brewery.