Jorakuji (Temple)

2016.09.09  カテゴリー:

There is an important cultural property behind the temple, a stone pagoda that dates back to the 13th century. Old Buddhist statues, roof tiles, and paintings are exhibited in the art museum.

Detailed Information about the Art Museum:

Kitamuki Kannon (Temple)

2016.09.08  カテゴリー:

It is said your profits will increase if you visit both here and Zenkoji in Nagano City. The name means facing the Big Dipper, which is rare.

There are souvenir shops along the quaint approach.

Zensanji (Temple)

2016.09.08  カテゴリー:

It is also a famous place for viewing flowers, such as cherry blossom, wisteria, and hydrangea.

Ikushimatarushima Shrine

2016.09.08  カテゴリー:

Two Shinto deities Ikushima and Tarushima have been worshipped here since the 9th century. The main shrine, which is built on the small island in the pond, has one of the oldest styles of architecture in Japan.
This unique shrine does not have wooden floors, but instead an earthen floor where the deity is prayed to.