Mt. Taro

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The shrine on top of this mountain commands splendid views not only of Ueda City, but also the Northern Alps and even Mt. Fuji.

Hiking to Mt. Ogamidake and Megamidake

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Mt. Ogamidake: Enjoy the views from Mt. Okamidake at 1,250 m, just a 2-hour hike from Bessho Hot Springs. Bessho Hot Springs also hosts a beautiful 500-year old festival of calling for rain, called the “Take no Nobori”.
Mt. Megamidake: Reach a height of 927 m in a one-hour hike. The hiking trails here are closed from September to November, due to matsutake mushroom harvesting. There is no lookout at the castle ruins on top of the mountain.

Toishi & Komeyama Castles Mountain Fort Hiking

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Trailhead -> 25 min -> Toishi castle ruins ->10 min-> Honjo castle ruins -> 30 min-> Komeyama castle ruins ->15 min-> Trailhead

Experience an unbroken view of Ueda from the castle ruins. There is also a point on the trail where you can see Mt. Fuji on clear days.
This is also a setting in the popular anime movie "Summer Wars".

Shiodadaira and Bessho Onsen

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From the window of a quaint local train enjoy idyllic rice fields and by historical temples and shrines, or take a stroll or cycle though the historical hot spring village of Bessho.


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Skiing and Snowcats

With 3 ski areas and 36 runs, Sugadaira is a popular destination for winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. You can also take a ride in a snowcat to the peak (2,107 m / 6,912 ft).


Come see and hike the mountains that symbolize the Sugadaira Highlands: Mt. Nekodake (2,207 m / 7,240 ft) is popular for alpine flowers, and Mt. Azumaya (2,354 m / 7,700 ft) is one of "One Hundred Mountains of Japan". Popular hiking trails connect both mountains.


This highland is cool even in summer, and is an ideal place for many sports such as rugby, track and field, soccer, and tennis, bringing athletes from all over Japan.

Sugadaira is particularly famous for its rugby culture, and is a candidate to host a team camp for Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan. It will also serve as base for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games training camp.

Yamaboshi Nature School and English Guides

The Yamaboshi Nature School is a place where traditional Japanese wisdom and natural living can be experienced in various hands-on programs. Come and enjoy nature with all your senses all year round.