2021.08.16  カテゴリー:

Ruriya is an izakaya open in the evening. In trying to recreate the flavors of a long-running yakitori (char-broiled chicken) restaurant, Ruriya created its own delicious, original oidare sauce that even first-time customers are sure to love.

Kakurega En

2021.08.16  カテゴリー:

This yakitori restaurant is the only place where you can enjoy the local “Oidare Yakitori” from 10 am. This shop operates in the back of a shop called Korabo on Yanagimachi Street. Be sure to pick up some “En no Oidare" as a souvenir.

Charcoal Grilled Seafood Rarawanya

2021.08.16  カテゴリー:

This izakaya is open in the evening. The smoky, high quality meat and ingredients are made even more delicious thanks to the restaurant’s oidare sauce. Eat the food here one skewer at a time to truly appreciate its deliciousness.

Fuji Ice

2021.08.16  カテゴリー:

This long-running confectionery is beloved by locals and the jiman-yaki sold here boasts both anko (red bean paste) and custard flavors for visitors to enjoy. Its popularity means there’s almost always a line of customers waiting, but you’ll be able to enjoy some piping hot and freshly made confections.


2016.09.12  カテゴリー:

This Chinese restaurant has enjoyed great popularity with the locals since its establishment in 1983. The soup here is carefully prepared early in the morning, and the store makes sure to offer reasonably priced authentic Chinese food to everyone. We highly recommend the ankake yakisoba (fried noodles) that are topped with plenty of vegetables and a light taste. Thin yet crispy noodles are wonderfully mixed into this dish that boasts enjoyable accents of vinegar and mustard flavors.


2016.09.12  カテゴリー:

The Chikuma River serves as the backbone of this company that engages in business operations such as freshwater fishing, food and beverages, processed products, direct gift sales, wholesale, and more. June marks the peak season for this company, and the smoke of fish grilling in a small hut wafts on the winds from the Chikuma River. More than 50 ayu (sweet fish) are used to make the broth for Ayu Ramen, the shop’s specialty dish. The noodles soak up all the flavor of the salt-based soup stock and are decadently topped with a piece of grilled ayu.

Yakitori Shop Bancho (Ueda Ekinaka Branch)

2016.08.16  カテゴリー:

This yakitori restaurant located within the station is a perfect place to visit while you wait for your train. Visitors can enjoy an unbeatable combination of Ueda's local sake and delicious Oidare Yakitori that won a prize at the ITI International Taste Contest.