Just a short ride by bullet train from most of Japan’s major cities, Ueda is not to be missed. Ueda is known for its hot springs and awe-inspiring temples; namely, Anrakuji, Chuzenji & Zensanji. If you are planning a visit to Ueda, definitely take the short train over to the Bessho Onsen resort, located in the historic section of the city. As you walk the marked hike through the majestic forest, Anrakuji temple will inspire you with its beauty! Afterward, definitely take a soak and relax in one of the resort’s amazing onsens!Katie <U.S.A>

Ueda Castle Park, City Museum, Tourism Center


The Symbol of Ueda

Built in the 16th century and attacked twice, these famous remains of Ueda Castle is now a famous park with a thousand cherry trees that bloom in April.

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Yanagimachi Street


Walk along a Historic Highway

The street has ancient buildings of long-established shops and shows a traditional view of samurai times.

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Sanada Village (History Museum, Pre-castle Ruins)


Home of Japan's Strongest Samurai Clan

Many historical artifacts such as shrines and temples remain to this day in Sanada, the home of the lineage of the strongest and most popular military generals in Japan.

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Ikenami Shotaro Sanada Taiheiki-kan (Memorial Museum)


A Museum for a Popular Novelist

The museum introduces the historical fiction, which was made popular in a NHK TV series.

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Former Tokida-kan Silk Mill


Silk Mill Designated as an Important Cultural Property

Ueda was so prosperous in the silk industry through the Meiji and Showa periods that it was known as the “Silkworm Capital”.

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Shrines and Temples

Ikushimatarushima Shrine


A Unique Shinto shrine

Located in the center of the Japanese archipelago, it is one of the most important and ancient shrines that house the spirits of Japan.

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Kitamuki Kannon (Temple)


A Good Luck Buddha

Constructed in the 9th century. This Yakuyoke Kannon (Buddhist deity for protection against bad luck) has been a pilgrimage destination since long ago and people still come to pray today.

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Zensanji (Temple)


The “Temple of Flowers”

This temple boasts a wonderful three-storied pagoda (Important Cultural Property).

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Anrakuji (Temple)


Nagano's Oldest Zen Temple

Anrakuji is Nagano's oldest Zen temple and the only Zen temple in Japan that has an octagonal three-storied pagoda, a Japanese national treasure.

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Chuzenji (Temple)


Chuzenji, a Japanese national treasure is the oldest wooden structure in central Japan.

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Jorakuji (Temple)


As with Anrakuji Temple, this temple can be reached on foot from Bessho Onsen.

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Shinano Kokubunji (Temple)


A temple with over 1,000 years of history.

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