On Foot By BusBy Train

Cycling the courses with the free rental bicycles is also available.

1. Walk Around Town

This itinerary takes you to various museums and historic points of interest.

2. Samurais and Ninjas

See the castle built by Japan's most powerful samurai, and shop for souvenirs. The museum also features a ninja corner.

Ueda Station

on foot 15 min↓

Ueda Castle Park - Tourism Center

by bus + on foot 40 min↓

Sanada Clan History Museum

on foot + by bus 30 min|↑

Sanada Taiheikikan Museum

on foot 5 min↓


on foot 15 min or by bus↓

Ueda Station

3. Shrines, Temples, and Hot Springs

See cultural assets on the outskirts such as centuries-old shrines and temples, and afterwards soak in a hot spring.

Ueda Station

by train Ueda Dentetsu 15 min↓

Ikushimatarushima Shrine

by train Ueda Dentetsu 15 min↓

Bessho Onsen Station

on foot 10 min↓

Kitamuki Kannon - temple path

on foot5 min|↑

4. Explore the Old Hokkoku Highway

Take your time and take in the traditional streets of Unno, an area that has remained in the classic style from the Edo period.

Ueda Station

by train Shinano Railway 10 min↓

Tanaka Station

on foot  20 min↓

Shiratori Shrine

on foot20 min|↑

Unno official lord's lodgings

on foot 20 min↓

Oya Station

by train Shinano Railway 7 min↓

Ueda Station