Midoriya Kichiemon

2016.09.02  カテゴリー:

Sink into this inn’s prized outdoor bath with a garden and lava rocks from Mt. Asama. Feel calm wash over you in the flow of the natural hot springs.

Ryokan Tsuruya

2016.09.02  カテゴリー:

Built during the Edo period’s Genroku era. An unadorned, unpretentious, and friendly inn. The hot spring baths consist of 100% free-flowing water with no added tap water. They take great pride in their cooking made with seasonal ingredients.

Ryokan Seizan

2016.09.02  カテゴリー:

This quiet inn is located in the highest part of Bessho Hot Springs, surrounded by nature. They serve homemade meals made with seasonal local ingredients.

Saito Ryokan

2016.09.02  カテゴリー:

The thick aroma of hot springs. Located high up in Bessho Hot Springs and offering a view from each of the rooms, this quiet inn is a wonderful place to stay. Their handmade soba noodles are very popular.

Ryokan Katsuraso

2016.09.02  カテゴリー:

A hospitable inn with 10 rooms. It is a quiet place located next to Kitamuki Kannon Temple. All rooms are distinctively Japanese-style rooms. Make yourself at home.

Ryokan Nakamatsuya

2016.09.02  カテゴリー:

Nakamatsuya Ryokan is a pure Japanese style inn with all tatami rooms, established in the Edo period. It's history spans over 280 years, over which time it has been partorized by countless visitors.

Nanjyo Ryokan

2016.09.02  カテゴリー:

They serve a popular kaiseki meal made with an extensive amount of local ingredients. Look out at Japanese garden as you leisurely indulge in the course-meal of Japanese dishes.


2016.09.02  カテゴリー:

104 years old, most of the building is a Tangible Cultural Property. The nostalgic Taisho period ambience gives the rooms their own unique splendor. They have three free-flowing hot spring baths.

Tamaya Ryokan

2016.09.02  カテゴリー:

Enjoy the authentic hot spa of non-cyclical and undiluted flow of hot spa water. As for guest rooms, we have four different types including the Japanese/Western suite.

Kashiwaya Honten

2016.09.01  カテゴリー:

A well-established, authentic Japanese-style inn located next to Kitamuki Kannon Temple. Unwind in the spacious tatami-matted rooms. Guests must be 12 years or older, making this the perfect place for adults to spend the day off relaxing in elegance.